In Loving Memory of David Burrow

(14th May 1945 – 15th April 2020)

David Burrow

Portrait by Norman Long

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.”

John Ruskin

My sister reminded this week, that I first met Dave as a little girl. Dave had been a longstanding friend of my late mum Catherine. Together they shared their health ups and downs, a common interest in Art and love of growing geraniums.

About 8 years ago mum asked me to help Dave, “The Artist” as she called him, to exhibit his art. And so I entered Dave’s world in his words as his ‘Manageress”.  My true role was to be his chauffeur to introduce him to new people and ‘Get his Art out into the World.

Painting was his Dave’s life. His passion for Cubism, sparked our language of colour from brunt umber, yellow ochre, cobalt blue, ultramarine to cadmium red and vermillion. His gift with the paintbrush, brought him alive. Art brought him rest from illness, a purpose and reason to connect with the world. Dave said:

“One of the reasons I love painting is that every brush stroke is part of me, my way of contributing something to the world.”

His expressive landscapes, his still-life, his geometric forms and white spaces, connected us with his deep inner world.

photo 1We would often go on adventures, sometimes Dave would be sad but soon after singing, talking art, driving along or walking in nature with Ellie his mood landscape changed. We would visit cafes and in true creative style plot exhibitions over tea and cake at galleries across Lancashire. Dave would oversee the framing of his pictures, write the titles and do his homework of handwriting blogs on artists for me to type up for his website.

Dave once insisted ‘the lady in the local post office has told him he needed to be on Facebook to be successful!” And so in true David persistence ‘David Burrow Artist’ Facebook was born, despite David never owning a smartphone or touching a computer key!

I have so many precious memories of being with Dave; teaching me art and how to carefully stack his paintings in the back of my car, without breaking the glass! We travelled together, putting on exhibitions at Lancashire attractions from Samlesbury Hall, The Storey, Lancaster, The Whitaker Rossendale,to Dave’s all time favourite The Mystery Tea House in Preston.

I really admire Dave. He inspired me. He was so brave. He overcame so much, loneliness and a severe long-term mental health condition that could overcome many of us. The difficult childhood and memories Dave battled, were always close by, even showing up in our last conversation. I do hope I was able to show him he was loved and reassure his gentle soul.

On reflection I didn’t realise just how much Dave’s talent, his genuine and authentic character had got under my skin (an image perfectly captured by artist Norman Long). Dave had slowly become part of my extended family, cementing his love and enduring friendship for my late mum. Nor could I have every anticipated the impact that his passing has had on me. Little did I know the gift my mum had given me, in connecting us both, continuing the art education she first encouraged in me as a little girl, as well as keeping our love strong through “Dave the Artist”. by Lou Booth.


IMG_3337The Artist

He left, it was his time to go,

his memory stays, and rightly so.

He’s left his mark within his art,

and left an imprint on your heart.

Mourn his passing and if you must, cry,

but smile when you remember,

he is now on high.

(by Dianne Taylor)



For those of you who have asked we are collecting for the charity close to Dave’s heart Integrate. We will also do a celebration of his life in the future when we can once again come together in person. Lou x

Account Name: Integrate (Preston and Chorley) Ltd
Sort Code: 16-28-33
Account No: 12438161
Reference: David Burrow

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