cubic rhythms exhibition 5- 30 October St Annes

David Burrow exhibition poster

cubic rhythms brings together original artwork depicting musical instruments.

“Manufacturing musical instruments has been spanning many centuries. Therefore the various shapes and structures employed have an erstwhile, great longevity.  The experience and skill of creating great objects that make a beautiful sound, thereby by virtue of the same principles, give superbly aesthetic harmony and beauty of appearance.”  David 

cubic rhythms is a blending of new and old original art to stimulate our senses and open our ears and eyes to the beauty around us.

Venue : Urban Art Studio 11-12 Back St. Annes Road West Lytham St Annes, Lancashire FY8 1RD Link to Directions
Contact: General Enquiries
Call 07931 113855

Opening hours: Wed 2- 6.30 am, Thur 4-11pm, Frid. 7pm-1am, Sat.  7pm-1am

Urban Art Studio Facebook page (link)



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