Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque – By George David Burrow

Picasso is my favourite all time painter, with Braque exceedingly loved and much appreciated is also a favourite as well.

Braque has great sensitivity the quality and surface of paint, oil paint, but beside oil paint he employed sand and iron-fillings. Braque’s sensuous brushwork builds up with juxtapositions and graduations of colour, tone and hue his great masterpieces like “Jug and Pitcher” “L’estaque” (see images) .

His various and many analytical cubist abstract portraits he painted working with Picasso. Examples of Fauvism Braque painted prior to his embarkation in Cubism, many of these Fauve works do not rank amongst the greatest of Braques’s work and are not my favourite. His 1920’s period of Synthetic Cubism is exciting and stimulating with superb greens and stock colour juxtaposed with marble effects, these Synthetic Cubist Still Life rank amongst his very best work (See Tate Gallery Analytic and Synthetic).

Picasso is the king because although Braque can effectively challenge Picasso for top-spot in analytical cubism, Braque never painted woman with hideous twisted faces, which Picasso so masterfully achieved.

Picasso is more of a “block invader” of the canvas as you might say in that his bold powerful blocks of colour build and invade the canvas.

Braque proceeds with gentility but firmness and enthrals us with his lovely delightful brush sensitivity.

What Picasso has in Power, Braque has in the Sensuous.

David Burrow ( August 2017)


Find out More about Picasso and Braque.

Pablo Picasso

Georges Braque


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