The Influence of Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse has been an influence on my paintings, sometimes quite unconsciously!
Henri does not inhabit a world of Geometricisation, he surrenders to the quientissential colour expressed in the fundamental form of objects.
Matisse said that “Artists just don’t paint pictures they are alive to what goes on in the world“. And also he said “Talent is not enough you have to work”.
I like Henri Matisse because he breaks free of the bounds of academicism, thereby liberating the soul and the spirit to dance in paintings!
Sylvenstein Reservoir, Germany

Sylvenstein Reservoir, Germany


Stephen Sartin, Art History expert and my art school tutors told me recently he sees “a harmony in style between one of my most popular paintings Sylvenstein Reservoir (above) and Matisse’s style”.  I am now able to appreciate the relationship between my painting and the organic flowing world of Henri Matisse.

Henri Matisse painted the entire canvas in blocks of colour. Unlike Picasso, who left areas of white canvas showing through, as can be seen my paintings below.

Picasso’s influence is evident in my paintings right The violin (mixed media) – this is a pure pastel drawing using form and shape. Three dimensional depth was created by rubbing (with my hand) to create tonal coverage.

And left Violin, Decorative Cloth and Fruit (pastel) – here the drawing was delineated in black pastel first of all and colour inserted within the boundaries of the delineation. Only three colours were employed red, orange and blue plus admixtures (black pastel with red) of the orange in the violin.

Find out More about Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse (links to

David (29 August 2017)


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